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Be.Serene 12 Values Programme

Focus on strengthening core interpersonal skills and behaviours, to root positive values and habits in day to day operations. 

Make a conscious choice for calm in the workplace

Reach the power of calmness through the practice of key values to reach top performance.

Stress can be toxic, and have hugely damaging effects on morale, productivity and turnover – all of which contribute to a company’s overall success. So taming stress should be of the highest priority for any business.


The good news is yes, stress can be toxic, but calm is extremely contagious.

We all have the ability to alter each others' emotional state as we're constantly affected by others and how they feel, so nurturing 12 key human values in your organisation, your team will learn how to move through everyday challenges towards goals with more ease, leading the way to building a greater place to work.

How it works

Trust | Forgiveness | Collaboration | Humour | Patience | ​Empathy
Diversity | Respect | Love | Perseverance | Humbleness | Flexibility

Serene Leadership Workshop

On this workshop with your leadership team, we explain the importance of calmness for top performance and explain how it is possible to reach it through our 12 Be.Serene Values. We introduce tools and processes that help embed these practices in your day to day operations for one year and beyond, with the support of our resources and surveys.

Access the
12 Values 

Your leadership team will gain access to a library of assets, affirmations and other resources to share with your team and place within your business to bring effective change. We also explain how to make the most of our online resources to start the conversation, so you can work with your team to nourish and bring more serenity for top performance.

Measure & Monitor your results

Through our Serenity Survey, you get a pulse on how the Values from the Be.Serene Programme are being perceived within your organisation, providing you with a diagnostic and basis for action plans. We also have quarterly check-in sessions with your leadership team to monitor progress and reassess the survey results during the year.

The Be.Serene Programme is unique. Get in touch to clarify any questions and begin this powerful journey.

Follow the Be.Serene Calendar

We are always sharing inspirational content and ideas related to the Value of the Month to help bring serenity and improved results to your organisation. 

Be.Serene Calendar
Be.Serene Train the Trainer

Want to learn how to  lead this initiative and bring the 12 Values to your organisation at your own pace?

Sign up for the Train the Trainer option to build a more positive, productive and serene work environment, for personal and business success, focusing on your team development and wellbeing.