Focus on your team development and wellbeing

Transform your entire organisation with our unique 12 Values System

One the key drivers of performance is the ability to remain calm under pressure, but developing assertive attitudes and behaviors for improved performance requires more than good intentions and inner work.

It takes concentrated effort and tactical action.

We know it is possible to feel challenged, and not overwhelmed, and a more serene outlook, focusing on emotional intelligence skills, supported by key management actions, will help generate a real, sustainable impact on your organisation.

Team talk engagement

Emotional Intelligence at Work

Increase your organisation's performance, improve your team's engagement and boost your culture cohesion.

A lot more than a nice to have

Nurturing a workplace environment and company culture where people can fulfil their potential and purpose, you will experience improved results on all areas

Engagement & Culture

Generate an increased sense of purpose.​

Reduce employee turnover and absenteeism, boost engagement and enjoy your days at work.

Excellence & Reputation

Enable personal development and up-skill your team.​

Improve NPS, get better results in quality audits and wow your customers with authentic services.

Performance & Growth

Continuously improve under a structured framework.

Increase gross revenue, reduce costs and have a team that is committed to your company's success.

Keyboard and Mouse

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What they say

"Carina has a very human leadership style, bringing her people with her on her journey. Authentic, personable, long term strategic thinker. ."

Alistair Risk, Hotel General Manager